Commissioning A Portrait

Yves Messer finishing his portrait of Prof. Stephen Hawking..


You can now commission, free of any risks, a signed, hand-painted portrait (oil / acrylic/ mixed techniques on canvas)
by a genuine Artist at friendly price (*).

NO deposit required

NO "starting fees"

NO obligation to purchase
if not satisfied!

Yves Messer only needs a set of good quality photographs
along with your requirements.

The size is 10 x 12 " of a single figure (a human face or a pet) painted on canvas and rolled in a tube (unframed).

Price at an incredible £99 ! ( USD, EUR, AUD ) (**)

When the painting is half completed, Yves will show you as it is.
At that point you will decide whether to carry on or not.

If we reach an agreement Yves will finish, sign and keep your portrait in his studio until you feel ready to purchase it.

If you are interested with this offer, please contact the artist.


Artist' statement here.

Normal procedure applies when "out of offer". Here.

(*) Note: there are some cheap "photo-to-painted-portrait" services available now. Their prices are low because they are made in poor countries like China and these paintings are never signed. Yves Messer signs all his paintings.


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